Time is of the Essence

In moving from startup to ramp-up I help my clients move faster, smarter, and more decisively by refining their value proposition to potential investors through careful analysis of their overall strengths and weaknesses. 

I help you create a compelling story, a powerful pitch deck, connect you to my network and increase your success with your network of investors.

I bring an experienced viewpoint from which I guide you and your startup to success – success in running your business and in raising capital.

My guidance allows you to make better business decisions, empowering you to better run your company. My goal is to relay my expertise and experience so you avoid the long learning curve I underwent as a startup CEO.


In order to create a successful business, you must understand your Go-to-Market Strategy and have powerful messages and collateral.

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Just as you have a Go-to-Market strategy, you must have a Go-to-Capital strategy. These concepts are similar, but not the same. 

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My Methodology

In order to to accelerate capital formation, revenue and profits, I perform a 360º business assessment, posing questions investors will ask.

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